Our Services

From prenatal preparation to weaning and everything in between, explore our services below

Lactation Support

Individualized prenatal and postpartum clinical lactation care in-office or via telehealth.

1:1 support for all issues related to lactation:

Prenatal planning, exclusive pumping, low supply, painful latch, oral motor dysfunction/tongue tie, overactive letdown, infant weight concerns, herbal preparations and more.


Bottle Feeding Support

Breastfeed baby rejecting a bottle?

Fully formula feeding, but your baby dribbles constantly, is gassy, and miserable?

At your wits end trying to get bottling to work smoothly? We can help.

For Professionals

Business Coaching and Clinical Case Review

Are you an IBCLC looking to move into private practice from your hospital gig?  Maybe you are a newly minted IBCLC ready to start your private practice (congrats!)? Or maybe you have been at this for years and you’re still feeling overwhelmed!

I offer business coaching, clinical case review and virtual assistant services.

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