What is an IBCLC?

An IBCLC is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  The leading experts in clinical-level lactation care, the IBCLC is the highest level lactation credential in the field.  We are healthcare providers working a variety of different settings to support families in their desire to feed human milk to their infants and children.  You can also find us in public health, governmental, and political settings working on policies around lactation.
With 14 college level courses, 95 hours of lactation specific education, and between 500-1000 clinical hours of experience needed to sit the 4 hour, 175 question exam, the IBCLC has the most rigorous and comprehensive background in the field. 

What are your prices?

I fully believe in transparency in pricing.  Please note that all of my consults include one week of email and phone follow up. 

All fees are due upfront. 

Initial Home Visit: $300
Follow Up Home Visit: $200
Prenatal Consults- Virtual $200
Email Consults- $125
Virtual Postpartum Consults- $200

You can read about my different services here.

Breakdown of pricing:
Initial home visits are between 1.5-2 hours.  Follow ups are between 1-1.5 hours.  Prenatal and virtual consults are usually 1-1.5 hours.  Email consults can take several hours depending on the complexity. I also travel and am regularly driving 45 minutes each way to see babies and their parents.

Within 48 hours of an in-home visit, I write a full one page report for your pediatrician and/or collaborating care providers, fax it, and email you with your care plan which includes links to videos, graphics, and products.  I also file the paperwork for reimbursement to your insurance.

Many home visits also include supplies such as nipple shields, medihoney for abrasions, feeding tubes and syringes.  These are included in the cost of your consult.  

What you are really paying for though is expertise and individualized care, which is invaluable! 

Do you take insurance?

Private practice IBCLCs are unable to contract directly with insurance outside of Aetna.  We are currently working hard on licensure that will allow us to take insurance and serve more families!  I currently help my clients by filing for reimbursement for them.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA has the best reimbursement rate and record, followed by Allways, Harvard Pilgrim, and Tufts.  Cigna is hit or miss. United Healthcare is notoriously difficult to get reimbursed for.  I include a specific letter for UHC when sending forms to help your changes, but we have not had much success across the board with UHC.  Masshealth will not currently reimburse for services.

What is your service range?

I currently serve communities within a 25 mile radius of Lynn, MA.  You can put “Red Rock Park, Lynn, MA” to see how far you are from me.  Beyond the 25 mile radius, there is a $25 travel fee. Please note that this fee is not reimbursed by insurance. I will go within an hour of Red Rock. If you are outside of my service range, please send me an email and I will find someone for you!

I am interested in mixed feeding (human milk and formula), exclusively pumping, or weaning completely and moving to formula. Can you help me?

Absolutely!  Leave the judgement to the facebook parents groups!  I am here to support you in your journey, whatever that looks like! My practice motto is “Feed the baby. Keep your sanity.”  

5 Stars on Google!

Still not sure if you want to book? Read my reviews on google to see what people have said! 

Important information:

Contact info:


Payment information:

Venmo: @KiraKimIBCLC (https://venmo.com/KiraKimIBCLC)

Paypal: https://paypal.me/NSBS?locale.x=en_US

Numbers for Insurance:
IBCLE Number: L-119268
NPI: 1215301106
Tax ID: Available upon request. Please email.