COVID-19 Safety Protocol:

 As per the guidelines set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for in-home health care during the COVID19 Pandemic, I will be offering private in-home consults to families as of September 1, 2020. 

While virtual visits are helpful, there are many limitations to care and issues that can’t be handled without an in-person consult is necessary. Email consults are still available. Please contact me to discuss whether an in-person consult is right for you. or 617-319-4542.


Changes to my practice:

-I am no longer bringing interns or apprentices to appointments and have halted my mentorship practice.  All clinical evaluations and follows will be done by me only as to limit contact with others.  Due to family members who are high risk, I am extremely diligent about social distancing, mask wearing and sanitizing.

– I will currently only book 2 visits a day max, at least 4 hours apart to make sure my scale and all supplies are thoroughly sanitized and allowed time to dry appropriately.

My commitment to you:

-I will take my temperature and the temperature of each member of my family and ensure we are symptom free. 

– I will only come if temperatures are below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit

– I will enter my home after each visit through the back door placing my clothing directly into the washing machine, sanitize all supplies using OSHA approved medical grade cleaner, and then shower.


During our visit, I will:

-Wear a mask and medical grade exam gloves

-Use gloves for exams (as per usual)

-Remove shoes upon entering your home

-Maintain social distancing during note taking, discussion and education, though I will have to be close, of course, for exams and position adjustments.  I will also end up holding your baby for a physical assessment.


Client Requirements:

All adults in the home must wear a mask during the entirety consultation (this is non-negotiable at the current time).

-Please have soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer out and available for use during consultation. I will also have hand sanitizer.

-Take your temperature the temperature of all persons in your household prior to consultation. Notify me immediately if anyone has a temperature (above 100.4 F) or symptoms.  (I will find you a consultant that will do a virtual visit and transfer your deposit to them.)

-Symptoms to watch for include: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, headache, muscle pain, chills, loss of taste or smell.

Notify me immediately if you have been exposed to COVID19 and are currently asymptomatic or if you have recently traveled outside of the state